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In today’s digital world, it is easy to believe that all dealerships have embraced digital advertising to reach their customer base. This may be true to some extent, but many dealerships are reluctant to convert to digital ads. Here are some reasons why.

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It feels impersonal — Some dealers feel email and social media are an impersonal way to communicate. They are also concerned about interacting with customers on social media who don’t want their identity disclosed on digital platforms. There is also a generational gap for older customers who may not use computers or smart phones.

Legacy media still brings in customers — Some customers still prefer reading a paper they can hold in their hands. As a result, dealers feel they should still be advertising in print media to reach local customers. Legacy media, as newspapers, TV, and radio are known, are still popular for both dealers and customers. TV advertising continues to be a common way for dealers to reach local or regional customers, and there doesn’t yet seem to be a decrease in TV or radio sales.

Using legacy media doesn’t mean a dealer is missing the boat — Some dealers will more quickly embrace new technology, or perhaps feel the market they wish to target is younger buyers used to dealing on digital platforms. Many dealers may dabble in digital advertising, but still hold the bulk of advertising dollars for paper or TV ads. It continues to work for them, so they are reluctant to leave it behind. Another advantage of TV in particular is it permits a dealer to project an image their dealer style to the public, something that is difficult to do in an email or social media posting.

The key is knowing when to change — Legacy advertising should be a consideration for dealership ad budgets, and whether to use it as a primary or secondary advertising channel is up to the dealership management. However, if a dealership uses paper, TV, and radio to market their product and more importantly their image, they should always be aware of the growth of digital advertising and how to use it effectively.

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