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We live in an era where everyone is “on-the-go.” We haven’t the time to stop and smell the flowers because if we stop we will mess up our routine of chronic hustle and bustle. How are we keeping apprised of what is coming up next if we are so consumed by this constant go-go mentality?

Hello, technology. Hello, digital world of wonder. A place where our lives can multi-function with a swipe left or right, scroll up or down, tweet, post, email or text. We don’t have the time to sit still for too long. We want and seek instant gratification in all areas and aspects of our life.

Car Dealer Digital Advertising

Think about it. You are streaming your favorite show on your electronic device of choice because you have a quick 15-minute break to catch up. It has limited commercial breaks and you can binge watch all previous episodes you may have missed. Or you are catching up on emails on your lunch break, using your smartphone. Instant gratification.

So, with all these new age technological gadgets, accounts and subscriptions, we still have a deep desire to be acknowledged, seen, heard, praised, etc. The fact remains that to be seen, heard, and/or acknowledged, we need to put ourselves out into this digital world. In order for our company, business, or idea to conceptualize, we have to be seen by the vast digital world we live in. But in the technology crazed, go-go-go, no time for that, instant gratification world we live in, how do we do this and stay ahead of the game.

The answer is digital advertising. But who sees these ads? Who would have the time? There lies the problem. People are spending money on digital advertising, but the ads are getting lost in cyber-land somewhere. They are not able to be seen or are quickly removed before a consumer can dive a little further.

An article on radiodirect.com quotes Michael Sebastian of Advertising Age, stating, “Digital ad spending is expected to reach $60 billion, this year.” This is proof that digital advertising is not going away anytime soon and absolutely can work, if done properly. The demand is there.

That’s where we come in. At the DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency, we can create a digital ad that works for your needs and within your budget. No more wasting money on advertising that simply isn’t working for you and the needs of your product, company or brand. Contact us today and let’s get started on digital advertising that will be effective!

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