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In today’s competitive markets, a great website is key to the success of any business or enterprise – like it or not. Nothing impacts sales and new customer acquisition like an effective, well-designed webpage. With so many choices available to consumers, no business can afford for their website to be stale or inaccessible. Unless you want potential customers simply moving on to the next site, it’s critical that the design of your business’ webpage is thoroughly user-friendly. Not quite sure what consumers are looking for when it comes to your website? Take a look at a few key elements of user-friendly sites from our car dealer advertising company.

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Most consumers have limited time to spend surfing your webpage (and an even more limited attention span). Your website needs to be easily readable, with key information prominently featured. Use bullets, easy-to-read fonts, and keep content concise and to-the-point. If your customers can’t quickly scan your webpage and find what they’re looking for, chances are they’ll be moving on.


Easy, straightforward navigation is crucial to any successful website. Design your webpage as if you are the consumer. Organize content so that it moves easily from one subject to the next. Incorporate a search bar and the ability to quickly scroll through pages.

Smartphone Optimization

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, you’re losing a large percentage of potential traffic. Consider this: according to a study by the Pew Research Center, a whopping two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. With many folks using their phones for the majority of their online needs, mobile optimization is essential to the success of any business’ website.

Load Time

Ah, the dreaded load bar or wheel – that pesky little icon that reminds you that customers are impatient. Time is money – and your website’s users aren’t interested in wasting either one. If your webpage doesn’t load within four to six seconds, it’s too slow.

Your business’ website is a truly valuable resource – make sure you’re taking full advantage. For more information regarding user-friendly web design, contact DeAngelis automotive advertising agency online or by phone.

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