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Auto dealerships have traditionally advertised on TV and radio and in print ads, using those media to reach customers in their marketing area. These advertising methods can successfully bring the public to the dealership’s doors and create new customers. In the last few years, however, dealerships have also increasingly had access to Internet advertising through email, web pages, and social media. No dealership should consider these methods exclusive to each other, and used together they can be increasingly powerful.

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In today’s market, a TV or print ad may trigger interest in your dealership or a sales special. The public can then go to their computer and access your website for more information about dealership hours or location, vehicle inventory, or sales and service specials described in your ads. As a result, the traditional advertising channels are reinforced by Internet connectivity to your business.

Another advantage of linking TV and radio to Internet advertising is reinforcement of your message. Studies show that customers are more likely to recall your dealership information or specials if they see the information about you on multiple advertising channels. Therefore, you don’t want to ignore your Internet presence when planning and executing an advertising message. It is also important to note that many younger customers rely far more on Internet than their parents did, and may not read newspapers and listen to radio either. A younger car buyer may have reviewed your dealership’s web page, read reviews on social media sites, and discussed your dealership with others online before they ever cross your threshold.

If your dealership is not maintaining an Internet advertising presence, the DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency can help you understand and create Internet channels to promote your dealership to different audiences. Contact DeAngelis Advertising today and get your dealership connected to the Internet!

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