You want to sell more cars, right? I know what you’re thinking; here we go with another blog post on how to “market a business using social media.” Really, it’s not what you think! I am going to share with you the key secrets to successfully brand your dealership using free resources!

In the automotive industry sharing photos and videos is the most beneficial way to reach your consumer. I recommend utilizing all social media platforms. It’s important to focus on the type of content you want to create to promote your dealership. Each platform is unique in how you want to reach your audience and will help you network!

An incredibly important tip to successfully brand your automotive dealership is a strong social media strategy. Maintaining your strategy is simple, start by linking your accounts! If you use Facebook and Instagram, link the two so your audience will never miss out on anything you post. This helps your content remain consistent with all the social media platforms you use.

Social media should, of course, be social! Liking other posts encourages engagement, which will benefit your dealership and build a community. You want to target your audience and maintain credibility. To achieve a better reach, use relevant and popular hashtags. Don’t forget, post videos on your story to keep the consumer updated about your vehicles and specials daily!

Get your dealership out there on all social media platforms and move onto the next step. A secret to creating content is to advertise and market your dealership through video!

Right now, video is the most successful way to advertise by driving discovery and awareness of your product. Your main goal should be to connect with your target consumer. A video allows prospects to compare and contrast the options of the product you are marketing. In the automotive industry, creating a video displaying the interior vs. exterior of your vehicle will show the consumer exactly what they’re looking for. It goes above and beyond expectations because your audience can now shop right from their home!

This builds trust between the seller and the consumer. Trust is an important factor in buying and selling cars, don’t overemphasize your product. Get on a real level with your consumer about the vehicles you’re selling. By showing real content of your vehicles, you’re allowing the consumer to make observations and create their own opinions.

Overall, optimize your online presence! More consumers look for an updated, user-friendly website, including mobile access to shop for their next vehicle to purchase! Take advantage of digital marketing and all it has to offer at no cost! Build your automotive brand using these simple, yet effective, secrets toward success in selling more cars!

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