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Can a dealership advertise successfully on radio or television? Sure you can, but there are things you need to do to climb above your competition. You need to have a distinctive message — think about how you might describe your dealership in one sentence to a stranger. In essence, that’s what you are doing with on-air advertising. You have to make a connection to the audience quickly and effectively. Here are three automotive dealer advertising branding strategies to consider when putting together your advertising message.

The Voice-Over

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If you think of successful product brands, you often will connect that message to the distinctive voice who delivers the message. From a deep resonance to a corny pitchman, every on-air ad has a voice-over announcer if words are spoken. When you look for an advertising agency, find out what is their voice-over talent pool. If you go with an agency with a small number of voice-over artists, your message may sound like others using that same voice. Voice-over is a successful branding strategy, which is why many major companies may use the same voice for years. It becomes recognizable as the symbol of that product. Unless you are a very distinctive person, avoid using yourself or employees in your ads as it can sound amateurish or awkward.

When you are looking for voice-over talent, review demo tapes and listen for a voice which “sounds” like your dealership. It is a qualitative thing you may not be able to explain, but a voice may connect with the image you wish to present for your business. If it sounds right, use it for an ad campaign and check the results.

The Slogan

The slogan or “catch phrase” is a powerful branding strategy. It may become symbolic of your dealership brand. Think about “don’t squeeze the Charmin!” and you get an idea of how powerful a good slogan can be. This is where a quality advertising company like DeAngelis Advertising can help. We can produce slogans and even test them to give you an idea of positive responses. Kept short and sweet, a good slogan can be used on-air and in print advertising to make a connection with your audience. Once heard, a good slogan will be remembered if it is unique because people haven’t heard it before. Make sure the phrase is active, such as “get over here and grab a car!”, versus passive such as “we would love for you to come visit.” Keep it short, keep it original, and try to sum up your dealership in a single phrase.

The Sound of Music

We aren’t talking about the movie, but rather using sounds or music to enhance your message. Music used in your advertising should be as unique as your voice-over or message slogan. Stock music used by other dealerships should be avoided, because your potential customers won’t connect it only to you.

You might consider connecting your slogan to your distinctive sound, giving you a catchy jingle to use in your ads. You will have to pay a songwriter if you don’t have an exceptionally talented employee, but it might be worth it. A quality jingle can be worth a lot of money over the long run, because customers will match it to your dealership and your products.

The voice-over, slogan, and music can result in a short refined message that will immediately describe your dealership to any stranger. Let the DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency help you create a distinctive branding strategy. We can help you Reach the Right People, the Right Way, at the Right Time. That’s both our slogan and our mission statement, because we take your business seriously at DeAngelis Advertising.

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Reach the Right People, The Right Way, At the Right Time.