Okay, so you have an ad. Whether it be a social media post or video, a television commercial, or a radio spot, as long as it is aired for somebody to see or hear, it will be effective, right?? Nope. In reality, it does not matter how strong your advertising message is if it is not reaching the right consumers. This is where media buying and planning come into play to ensure the utmost ROI for your investment in your advertising. So…what exactly is media buying? In short, it is the act of making sure your advertisement reaches the right audience by negotiating and buying ad times or spaces right for your product or service. 

In many cases, it is not essential to acquire a heavy amount of paid advertising space for your efforts to be a success. To make this statement true, it is important to nail the media buys that you do purchase. This way, you are getting maximum exposure from the right audience for your advertisement. Understanding your target audience is imperative to media buying strategy so that you know which space(s) to choose. This also means that whoever is doing your buying should be able to pin-point and analyse your target consumers’ media consumption habits.

So, we know what media buying is, but how do you target the right audience for your dealership? Well, the simplest answer is to leave it in the hands of an advertising agency who understands the ins and outs of this process, has the right connections, and has a history of negotiating media buys that give their clients the maximum results for their advertising efforts. Our experts at DeAngelis advertising not only produce top-tier creative custom to you, but also have a media buying strategy that is, in our opinion, seriously second to none. With connections throughout the entire U.S. and Canada, let us show you how DeAngelis can make the MOST of your advertising. For a completely free onsite marketing analysis with a hot, fresh creative and media buying strategy brought to you, call us at 800.318.5047.

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