It’s no secret that this year has given hard hits to our economy and many businesses alike. The world of buying, selling, advertising, and marketing in itself has been altered, leaving some in the dust. Everything from lockdowns to low-inventory and shortages have taken the automotive industry, in particular, on what seems like a never-ending rollercoaster. That being said, it is essential that advertising agencies keep up with the ever-changing tides of today and are able to be flexible with what will still drive consumers to CLOSE deals. Because honestly, knowing how to market and close real deals is more important for dealers now, than ever. 

DeAngelis Advertising has made it a priority to keep up with ensuring our client’s success in the newly-changing dealer market. Many of our clients from one coast to another are having yet another record year. More importantly, none of our DeAngelis clients are having a “bad” or “slow” year like many businesses struggling to hold on. This means that with our hand in over 50 markets and 16 states of activity in the U.S., we have adapted with the changing markets and put our clients first, leading to their continued success.

So, when we say that our clients have a “DeAngelis Advantage,” we really aren’t kidding. We were experts at outsmarting our client’s competition before, and that still stands to be true. Our team’s creative, strategy, research, and edge still allow our clients to be ahead of the game. DeAngelis experts have kept the ability to create urgency in potential customers, keeping numbers high for both new and used, domestic and foreign auto sales. If you want to stay ahead of the tides with advertising that can show the success of our dealers, contact DeAngelis Advertising at 800.318.5047 for an onsite market analysis, completely on us!

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