One of the key factors in sales is building relationships, which is especially true in the automotive industry. Not only is it important to establish that initial relationship with your customers, but it is essential to flourish and establish long-term customer trust and loyalty. This way your customers will return to your store for maintenance, service, and any future vehicle purchases. But, dealers, where does your relationship with your customers really start? Whether your store is struggling with low inventory or you have a full lot, your dealer-customer relationship starts with your advertising and marketing.

Yes, your customer’s first impression of your dealership begins before they even step foot into your store. Your marketing efforts set the stage for your dealership and also plays a role in boosting customer loyalty. Think about it. What drives potential customers to your dealership? How do consumers hear about your dealership in the first place? Most likely, your advertising does the job. After hearing or seeing that first advertisement, a consumer will have an initial idea or feeling about you and your store. That being said, your advertising should send the right message to consumers; one that pushes them into your store. 

With hardships such as shortages and low inventory affecting the automotive industry in current times, it has never been more important to stay on top of your advertising game. Not only do your relationships with your customers begin with your store’s advertising and marketing, but it is essential to keeping customer loyalty and trust. To learn how your store can make an unforgettable first impression, call 800.318.5047 for an onsite market analysis brought to YOU!

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