It is no secret that streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have taken over and changed the TV media consumption game. With on-demand streaming with little to no commercial breaks, some have speculated that television ads are becoming redundant and a “thing of the past.” While the way advertisers are approaching television ads may have evolved with current times, does this mean television advertising is no longer a staple of the media world all together? Or can this channel of advertising still be used to benefit a dealer with advertising? 

It is no secret that most consumers spend what seems like ever-increasing amounts of time viewing media through the internet and their mobile devices. Our world has become so consumed in new tech and media consumption habits that it might seem almost impossible for the average business to keep up in advertising efforts. That being said, television advertising has NOT lost its effectiveness. Most consumers are still spending a significant more amount of time viewing on their televisions than they are through mobile devices or online apps. Advertisements through T.V. ads are said to be like yelling into a microphone. It creates awareness from your brand or store, and should be the initial action to get the word around for your business. On the other hand, while it can effectively reach a significant amount of people at once, T.V. ads do not necessarily pinpoint specific demographics you as a business are looking for in a target consumer and take a broader approach. By overlooking possibilities of utilizing television advertising as a medium of your marketing plan, your business could still be losing out on a significant investment to grow results. 

Getting started and creating television ads can be intimidating to those who are not as well-versed in the subject. Because of this, it takes a professional to know all of the ins-and-outs of the small details that play a role in making television advertising work for YOU. Everything from the creative design for your specific business or store to the media buys reserved for your ads should be calculated precisely for maximum ROI for your investment. So, leave your marketing plans and television ads in the hands of experienced professionals with a tangible record of successful advertising. Contact DeAngelis Advertising for a personalized onsite market analysis and see if you are missing a huge piece of your advertising puzzle! 800.318.504.

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