Saying goodbye to 3rd party leads

Stop wasting your money on third party sources like Auto Trader and to generate sales leads. What your dealership needs is a boost in capturing more leads and market shares straight to your dealership’s website. Get in the game of being strategic online! Third-party leads tend to take over when it comes to searching for a new vehicle online. DeAngelis Advertising can help you achieve all your marketing goals for your dealership with endless possibilities to engage consumers to drive significant traffic straight to your dealership’s website! The real question you are probably asking is, how? 

The answer is traditional advertising. It’s simple, yet very effective! I know what you’re thinking, how is traditional advertising going to work in a digital world? Believe it or not, traditional media like TV and radio remains the most effective way in leading consumers who are searching for a new car straight to your dealership’s website. Traditional advertising opens the door to your dealerships digital thread. After hearing a catchy jingle that’s been stuck in your head all day, your initial reaction is to get out your smartphone and research that dealership. It’s the same reaction after you see a dealerships advertisement like no other on TV, especially when you’re in the market for a new vehicle! It is captivating and drives direct traffic straight to your dealership.  So now the question is, how do you utilize search engine optimization? 

SEO is the foundation for digital marketing and is a fundamental piece of your marketing strategy. It’s considered to be the largest benefit in increasing traffic to a dealership’s website. It is believed that content marketing is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which isn’t entirely wrong. Only because there is a multitude of benefits that an automotive dealership can do when strategizing on content marketing. If you lack the time and skill needed to produce the content or knowledge needed to make your dealership visible to search engines, DeAngelis Advertising is exactly what you need to rank above your competition. 

Living in the 21 century the first thing consumers do when looking for their next car purchase is turn to their smartphones. Their search typically begins in the google search bar, looking for a specific make or model. With DeAngelis Advertising, we help you reach active buyers by creating ads for your current inventory so when a consumer searches for a car you have in stock, your ad will appear. When they click on your ad, they go directly to the vehicle details page (VDP) for that car. DeAngelis Advertising gives you the ability to advertise your entire inventory, connecting active buyers with their ideal car, which means more sales for your dealership! It’s the perfect balance between traditional advertising and digital advertising leading consumers straight into your dealerships digital domain. 

Automotive content marketing even helps boost engagement on social media platforms! Word of mouth is important in the automotive industry, especially with the increased popularity of social media use. Many marketers use social media as part of their content marketing strategies. Having strong TV and radio advertising content will boost engagement on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram generating more shares, views, likes, and followers – powering your social media search engine. This reinforces even more reasons why you should put all your advertising needs in the hands of DeAngelis Advertising! 

Our goal when it comes to automotive content marketing is to build your dealerships credibility, trustworthiness, and a good reputation. Don’t waste your time and money with third-party lead providers. We want your dealership to be confident when introducing themselves to shoppers before they reach the dealership and begin building a relationship. For many car shoppers, the first interaction they have with a dealership is when they walk onto the lot. If you focus on the balance of digital and traditional advertising to revamp your automotive content marketing plan, it will drive more foot traffic to your dealership and website. We’ll show you how to get a free market analysis today from a DeAngelis Advertising automotive executive! 

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