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Need a powerful and effective tool to deliver your advertising campaign? Consider radio. Radio advertising has a style all its own and can reach audiences that many other mediums cannot. In fact, over 90 percent of Americans listen to the radio weekly. No automotive dealership can afford to ignore this lucrative and brand-boosting source of exposure to potential clients. But just what exactly are the essentials of a successful radio ad? We’ve got 10 radio advertising tips for the automotive industry that your dealership needs to know now.

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1. Understand Your Audience

It’s important to understand what sort of listeners you’re targeting. Choose your radio stations carefully. Each station’s music genre will attract a unique group of listeners with certain needs, desires, and buying interests.

2. Make a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Decide on the one thing you want your listener to take away from your message. At the end of your ad, make sure to deliver a clear and unmistakable Call-To-Action that reinforces your information. Keep your message as simple and memorable as possible so that it sticks with your listeners.

3. Ensure Your Creative Works with Your Branding

What is the overall feeling of your automotive business? Lighthearted, serious, modern: whatever your brand’s theme, make sure the creative ideas in your ad match it.

4. Combine Radio with Additional Marketing

Yes, radio is an effective advertising medium. But when you combine radio marketing with other avenues like television and social media, your success will be multiplied.

5. Frequency and Consistency are Key

Nothing sticks like repetition. The more often your brand is presented to listeners, the more your message will be retained. Aim to air your ad multiple times each day.

6. Advertise at the Right Time

The times you choose to air your advertising are of the utmost importance. Pick the right time of day for reaching your target audience – whether it’s early morning rush hour traffic or late night 24-hour businesses.

7. Live Broadcasts Make an Impact

By broadcasting your message live, you’ll attract a larger number of listeners. Consider promoting an exciting event or upcoming sale via live broadcast.

8. Recruit Local Talent for Endorsements

Utilizing on-air celebrities or local talent can have a great impact on your brand. A familiar and well-liked personality can increase reception of your message and drive up sales.

9. Incorporate Digital Promotions

By designing a contest, giveaway, or other digital promotion, you’ll attract and entice more listeners. Consider giving away something of value like a cash prize or free lease period.

10. Use Your Media Partner’s Expertise to Your Advantage

Remember, your media partner is just that – your partner. Have questions or concerns about your radio advertising campaign? Just ask! At DeAngelis Advertising, we’re here for you.

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