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E-mail, live chat, and texting are some of car dealers’ favorite channels to interact with customers. But the new technology can’t replace the efficacy of the personal interaction brought about by phone calls. Phone calls provide the salesperson an opportunity to make a lasting first impression on customers who still may be in the initial stages of buying a car. Similarly, the service advisors can use phone calls to make customers feel at home even before they bring in vehicles for maintenance or repairs. But a call can become a dealbreaker if not done right. DeAngelis Advertising offers some useful tips on the best phone practices to avoid such blunders.

Begin with a smart and personable tone.

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Encourage the dealership employees to engage with customers and have fun with them. The calls should be enjoyable. Create more active clients; it is going to make them want to come back to you. A safe way to start is with a right greeting like, “Thank you for calling [name of the dealership]. My name is [caller’s name]. How may I help you?”

The operators who answer the phone should not immediately put the callers on hold. Also, avoid leaving the callers bouncing from one department to another by transferring the line to the wrong departments. Properly training the operators will teach them to know where to direct every call.

Get the name right.

It is crucial to get the full name of the customer to engage in effective communication later on. It also helps to maintain useful records of your interactions with the client.

It is equally important that the customer gets and remembers your name. So when you make appointments for clients, make sure they write down your full name and other relevant information, such as the dealership’s address and the time of the meeting. You could also send all of this in a follow-up email.

Don’t give too much information on call.

Always answer customer questions directly and honestly. Volunteering too much information that the customer did not ask for could jeopardize a possible sale. Mentioning a specific color or feature when the customer isn’t looking for one might drive him to the next store.

Responding with a generic answer, by catching the interest of the client, will allow you to invite him to the dealership for more discussions.

Make sure to book the appointment.

As soon as the seller can confirm that the vehicle is available or that the customer’s car is due for service, he or she should immediately schedule an appointment with the client. The seller should use this opportunity to obtain the caller’s e-mail address so they can send a message to thank the customer for the meeting. Reconfirm the instructions provided on the phone.

Say no to jargons.

Commonly used words and phrases by the dealership staff may not necessarily be that obvious to the callers. Using layman’s language should be a mandate. You want your customers to understand what you are saying to them.

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