Did you know that your PMA, or Primary Market Area, is one of the most important deciding factors of all your advertising efforts? Your PMA includes the geographical area and target customer that your dealership is trying to get it’s “message” to, and if not analysed correctly, can be the break to all your marketing efforts. Analysis of your market should evaluate the market’s economy, trends in the market, customer demographics, and competition. The interpretation of the previously stated market and target customer not only decides what campaigns you choose, but also the style of the creative, the advertising mediums and channels being utilized, and when your advertising would be most effective. 

Think about it, how is your product going to cater to your customers’ needs more than any competitor? For example, if you are running marketing for a store in a rural area of Indiana, your advertising would look much different than that of one in the middle of Los Angelis or New York. A farmer may have a need for a new Ford or Chevy truck to aid in everyday work, while somebody working in a large city while living in a suburb may benefit from an eco-friendly car that can maneuver easily through city streets. Your job is to find the need that your primary market area possesses, and propose a solution with YOUR product. Now, these are two opposite scenarios that may seem simple to evaluate, but not every case is cut-and-dry.

Are you targeting the right market? You may not be reaping the full benefits of your advertising efforts and not even know it. If you are not seeing the results that you are paying to see, then it may be time to re-analyse your market and advertising strategies, and continue doing so. Markets change, audiences change, and the world changes, so shouldn’t your marketing efforts keep up? For a completely free onsite market analysis from our expert team, call DeAngelis Advertising at 800.318.5047. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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