5 Steps to See Better Results Fast

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We all dread the unsolicited call from a lifeless salesperson who’s cold calling with the hope you’ll spare them 10 to 15 seconds of your time to hear a bogus sales pitch. There is nothing worse than that. Other than being the unfortunate one making the cold call. Fortunately, many buyers now begin their purchasing process with a web search.

Similar issues arise even with a warm lead phone follow-up. People have busy lives with work, taking care of the dog, driving kids to afterschool soccer practice, the list goes on. It can be quite difficult to get your contacts on the phone. Not to mention the pressure to quickly and effectively set an appointment considering most sales calls end up in voicemail or go unreturned. So how do you connect with your leads to get real results?

With these 5 steps you will see better results and fast!

1.) Find the Best Time to Make Sales Calls

We live in an era where we don’t slow down, we’re always on the go busy with work, family and pursuing our goals in life. Planning out the perfect time to make a follow-up call is important. Once a web request is submitted you should reach out right away! Don’t waste time or hesitate to call your prospective buyer. The more time you wait, the greater the chance the prospect might find an alternate source to meet their needs. Your goal is to make contact and set an appointment right away. If you’re unsuccessful at reaching your lead immediately try a better time that they are available. When it comes to the time of day, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. are the best times to try and reach your prospective buyer.

2.) Use Different Contact Formats – Call, Text, Email

Sometimes a phone call isn’t the best method to contact your lead. People who work long hours that are not available to take a call could be reached by text message or email. You are more likely to receive a response if you try using more than one contact method for your prospective buyer. The fortunate part about sending a text or email is that you can include more information about your product! You can also include current deals and specials that could help encourage a sale. This opens a doorway for your lead to reach out and respond having more information about the vehicle and your dealership. This also increases your chances of setting an appointment!

3.) Strategic Ways to Get Ahold of Your Leads through Video Message

After trying many methods to reach your prospective buyer and not receiving a response, you must think outside the box. Try sending a video message through text or email! With a video message, you can properly introduce yourself so that your lead feels comfortable and confident in reaching out. You can also include product information of the vehicle to increase their interest in scheduling a test drive! Sending video updates on new products and specials happening at your dealership is a great way to get previous customers back into your dealership.

4.) Staying Persistent

As frustrating as it may be not achieving success right away with contacting your lead, don’t ever give up! Persistence is key when following up with a prospective buyer. The more consistent you stay, the better the outcome. You want to prove that you will not give up on your buyers’ needs and wants. Go above and beyond to accommodate their schedules so that you can finally reach your lead at a convenient time. Represent the culture of your dealership, show your customers you care. Ask your customers, what you can do for them!

5.) Set the Appointment!

Most importantly, set the appointment! Once you have successfully made contact, schedule an ideal time for your prospective buyer to come into your dealership to meet you in person and check out the vehicle they are inquiring about. Before they arrive, have the vehicles pulled up and ready, a beverage of their choice on hand and execute the sale!

With these five simple steps you will see real results and fast when dealing with phone up and internet leads. It all starts with your dealership and the culture you promote. Stay persistent, follow up immediately and remember that internet leads are real people. They are interested in having conversations about your products and dealership.

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