Your message is one of the most important things in your advertising. Without knowing what you want your target audience to grasp, your advertising efforts would not be worthwhile. Your message and how you communicate it not only let consumers know who you are and what you stand for, it allows your target audience to evaluate you as trustworthy and worth their time, or not. To be successful in your advertising, it is essential to know what your message is, who you want your message to reach, and how you are going to do so. 

Your message as a brand helps consumers know who you are and what you provide, but it should also set you apart from your competition. A strong, clear brand message would allow consumers to resonate with your values and what your company stands for, as well as what value you add to the market and your consumers. It should also let your audience know why exactly your company exists. 

In addition to what your message says through words, your message should also include the emotions you want your consumers to feel when associating with your brand or company. Do you want your consumers to feel happy and excited when shopping with you? Do you want them to feel motivated or compassionate? For example, let’s say you are creating a television advertisement for a workout facility. Do you want your target audience to feel sad and reserved while consuming your ad, or do you want them to feel excited and motivated? More often than not, you would choose the ladder to be associated with a workout or fitness gym. The same goes for automotive dealers. You want your consumers to want to jump on and be excited to purchase from you. You want to be trustworthy in the eyes of your customer, and them to know what you stand for. 

If your brand messaging is unclear, there is not better time than right now to make sure you are standing apart from the competition. Make consumers want to shop you FIRST because they understand and relate to your brand messaging, not only the product or service you provide. For a free market analysis brought to you, and a kickstart on nailing your brand messaging, call DeAngelis advertising, now. 800.318.5047.

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