It is no secret that technology and online shopping has taken over the consumer market. Whether it’s grocery shopping, browsing Amazon, updating wardrobe, or pretty much anything else, there is now an online option opposed to driving to the store. As consumers, we have become more comfortable and reliant on the “checkout” and “ship to me” buttons than ever before, but how is that affecting in-person stores and sales, specifically auto dealers? Online auto dealers such as Carvana and CarMax seem to be thriving in sales, especially in today’s crazy world, but what does this mean for brick-and-mortar dealerships?

Yes, your dealership should be able to adapt and adjust with the forever-changing market. Many dealers have adopted ways for their consumers to shop or view inventory online, but that does not entirely take away from in-person sales. As a dealership, you should have a website and a digital presence for consumers and potential customers to view, but it should lure these groups into your store. The fundamentals of fully-moving online auto sales almost eliminate the impulse buyer. You know what I’m talking about. That in-person salesman is there to not only aid the consumer in purchasing a car, but also make sure that they are making the most of that specific deal. This could mean anything from upgrading that customer to a different vehicle to after-market purchases that may not have been made online. That being said, in-person car sales are not going anywhere. 

From an advertising perspective, you should be catering or reaching both an online audience as well as those in-person. It’s a no brainer to use your online presence to encourage shoppers to engage, however digital and traditional marketing working together will make sure you get their attention to begin with. It will enhance more ups physically, as well. For an onsite analysis from the agency who knows how to maximize sales in both areas, call DeAngelis Advertising at 800.318.5047. 

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