Google searches don’t buy cars. Website visits don’t buy cars. People buy cars. People don’t wait for us to figure out their media consumption habits. They just consume media. It’s your job to keep up with them.

Target Audience Abstract

In our experience, if you are a dealer you should be spending a minimum of 35% of your budget on digital. May sound crazy but let me show you why, and how to maximize your digital ad spend. In large metro markets, digital can get your local star status.

Here is an example…If you are a dealer in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. It’s a 90-minute drive from one end to the other excluding traffic. As a dealer that would put you dead in the middle, it’s 45 minutes to the outer edges of the market.

Traditional advertising on TV and radio will reach the whole market, but to really dominate digital is how you win big. Imagine having the ability to target down specific neighborhoods or households like direct mail. The difference? Direct mail cost per thousand is $500. Automotive digital advertising, is $5-50, with the upper end being high-quality video placement.

In single or dual dealer markets, mass media can make more sense, but dealers in larger markets should consider narrowing their spend geographically and using digital to do that. Use the measurability to your advantage without spinning out of control. Digital advertising is being considered the most measurable medium we’ve ever had. With this degree of measurability though, we’ve realized we’re trying to predict human behavioral change. Not an easy task.

Analytics are great but the only thing that matters is whether a car is sold. Clicks don’t buy cars. Website visits don’t buy cars. People buy cars, and people get exposed to advertising. Set your standards high.

If your digital advertising is just getting you more analytics and stats and not more sales, we can help. DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency/DX3 Dealer Digital offer top of the line digital dealer services, but we also have years of experience creating traditional marketing campaigns. We build full advertising campaigns from the ground up to ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

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