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If your dealership is like most dealerships, attracting customers is no doubt the biggest hurdle you face. Typical customer attraction methods like product-pushing make your campaign smellier than three-day-old fish. Life becomes a stalemate battle of chasing leads, making unbelievable numbers of calls, and generally trying to force outcomes. Guess what? There is an alternative. If you’re looking to avoid running a stressed-out, burned-out business, listen up. Our car dealer advertising agency has three easy ways to market smarter and increase your customer traffic.

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Method #1: Provide an undeniable reason why customers should buy from you.

Distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. Explain, in no uncertain terms, why customers should choose you. Leave zero room for doubt. What do you have to offer that the other guys do not? What problems can you fix that no one else can? Expound upon a unique quality that puts you head and shoulders above the rest.

Method #2: Make a truly irresistible offer.

Forget balloons, gorilla suits, and free hot dogs. You need to offer a truly valuable experience or service. Have a unique warranty deal? Got an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee? Giving away free car washes to senior citizens on the second Tuesday of every month? Decide upon an irresistible offer that fills a need and shout that offer from the rooftops.

Method #3: Don’t play the silly price competition game.

Most dealerships focus on price-related offers. Most dealerships focus on rebates, low payments, and discount incentives. Most dealerships are lame. It’s a good thing you’re not most dealerships. Switch from a price-driven offer to a solutions-driven offer by adopting the No Low Price method. The No Low Price Method works by presenting clear solutions to specific customer problems rather than simply throwing around discounts. When customers have a compelling reason to choose you, price is no longer their primary motivation.

Don’t be a lame dealership caught up in the usual advertising game. Break free from the mold and market smarter with our automotive marketing agency.

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