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In this modern era, it seems as if everything is digitally-based. Does this also ring true for advertising? Is the time of traditional advertising behind us? Not quite. Just like everything in the business world, marketing and advertising techniques are changing. This being said, mediums of traditional advertising are still very much alive, and it is essential to integrate them into marketing plans to guarantee dealership success.

While digital advertising is more prominent and developed than ever before, your dealership will see the utmost results and success when traditional advertising and digital advertising are used to compliment one another. Both traditional and digital advertising have different jobs in the marketing world, and only utilizing one or the other will not drive maximum results for your dealership. Traditional advertising creates brand
awareness for your dealership, which is something digital advertising needs to thrive. Without that initial traditional aspect, not only can you forego hopes of your brand becoming a “household name,” but your digital advertising efforts will not see overflowing results.

Additionally, the internet world is becoming more cluttered by the day. Almost every search engine, social media page, or shopping site you visit has multiple ads on their page. More often than not, these ads are ignored or looked over because the consumer surfing the internet has a specific task in mind. With people consuming more media today than ever before, advertisers need to be more creative in grasping a potential customer’s attention. By using traditional advertising with digital efforts, brands
can unconsciously implement their name and product into the mind of consumers. Think about it, most traditional advertising captures the attention of the consumer without the cluttered noise. Billboards stand by themselves, radio jingles play one at a time, and television commercials play multiple times during single show or movie slots.

We are learning that many digital agencies despise traditional advertising for two reasons. First, they have more control over your account with digital, opposed to traditional. Secondly, they simply cannot impress you or the market with creative each and every month. Just look at your website, those cookie-cutter web banners can be hurting your goals! DX3 Dealer Digital is a sister company of DeAngelis. We have proven that when your traditional and digital efforts have synergy cosmetically, there is always an increase in leads with the same ad spend, averaging 14 percent! For more
information on how DeAngelis Advertising can customize traditional AND digital marketing techniques for your dealership, call 800.318.5047.

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