It is no secret that the automotive industry has endured hard hits within the past couple years. Everything from lockdowns to shortages have contributed to obstacles never seen before by our generations, causing dealers to have to improvise and implement new strategies to stay afloat. While there has remained a demand for vehicle sales throughout all of the craze, it has become apparent that anything can change within the blink of an eye. With 2021 coming to a close, there is one question that dealers across the globe are pondering together, and that is what this coming year will look like for the automotive industry. 

First, let’s recap. The past year specifically has presented tough challenges for auto dealers, mainly in the area of inventory. After incorrect demand projections, cancelled orders, and factory shutdowns, shortages have affected most automotive dealers in the United States and even throughout the world. Vehicle orders and sales are backed-up for weeks, months, and some even longer. This has caused prices of everything in the industry to rise, leaving many frustrated and consumers to reevaluate purchases. 

Nobody is positive of what to expect in the coming year, but analysts are predicting an over two percent increase in sales for the automotive industry. The inventory issues are expected to improve, but reaching levels of previous years could take much, much longer. With the previously stated in mind, it is most important for automotive dealers to keep their brand presence consistent and aggressive in the coming year. This requires dealers to plan ahead and have connections to an advertising agency with powerhouse, captivating creative and expertise. DeAngelis Advertising even has connections across the United States to provide lower costs to be active on any media type. Did you know our clients are paying an average of thirty-five percent less, while recieving more than competitors? Do not only be content with making consumers aware of your brand this year, but make it be consumers’ first instinct to shop with your store. Call DeAngelis Advertising at  800.318.504 to guarantee this year is better than the last!

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