In a world where buying a car is becoming easier and easier, how do you make your dealership stand out among others? Yes it’s possible, but there is a method to the madness. First off, you need to utilize the right media mix that is fit for your specific dealership. This means you need to knit together the right balance of digital AND traditional advertising that will send the right message to your target market. With the digital age upon us, some might argue that traditional advertising is dead. Simply put, this could not be further from the truth. Traditional advertising is what creates awareness of your dealership, and from there stimulates demand. 

In addition to finding the right media mix to differentiate your dealership, it is vital that you have captivating creative to back it up. Have you ever caught yourself singing that song from a radio or T.V. commercial you have heard over and over? The one that you didn’t even realize you had memorized? Exactly. That is the result of strategic creative that has caught your attention over and over, and is now etched in your brain. Not only should you have original, quality creative, it must be directed at the right audience. This is what will make your dealership memorable in a sea of others. The style, visuals, and message should attract the customer you are targeting. That being said, creative aspect of your advertising can be the make or break to your marketing plan. 

Lastly, your BDC process should be nurtured and trained, as much if not more than any sales representative you have. As one of the most critical roles in your dealership, they are the ones responsible for building relationships with customers, setting appointments, and pursuing leads. Your BDC must be somebody that is desirable to talk to and will make customers feel 

welcomed. They will not only set the impression to new leads, but a good BDC can set up your dealership with loyal customer relationships if done right. A fantastic BDC team will aid in differentiating your dealership from others, overall setting you above the rest. Trust the agency that knows about top-notch differentiation. Differentiate YOUR dealership with DeAngelis Advertising! Call 800.318.5047.

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