Over the years, social media has grown in popularity and become a staple in many people’s media consumption. Two of the most prominent social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, have a combined active users rate of almost four billion. With this, companies from large corporations to small,local businesses have dipped into the idea of adding influencer marketing to their marketing plans and campaigns. Influencer marketing refers to when someone with influence (following), or knowledge endorses or displays a product or service for their following to see. This type of advertising has become a staple of modern-advertising in industries such as Beauty and Health, but could the automotive industry also be adapting to this new marketing “norm?”

One thing to consider about influencer marketing is that their followers made the decision to follow that specific influencer on their own. This, in turn means that followers have a sort of trust in the influencer and their niche. Additionally, influencers already have an existing audience consisting of their specific niche or knowledge. This means that a portion of your target audience could be easily reached in one place. It is also important to note that reaching a target audience may be easier through larger corporations and online shopping, rather than a brick and mortar store with a smaller market radius. 

So, how does this apply to automotive dealer marketing today? If you are a dealer, it may be beneficial to consider utilizing and merging social media into your ad campaigns. Social media is not planning to go anywhere anytime soon, so it could be beneficial to make the best of it. As for influencer marketing, it is becoming a staple in modern advertising. While it may not yet be as popular with automotive dealerships, it could soon become prominent within automotive advertising, or may come to set you apart from your competitors. For a complete market analysis from the team that is expert in both traditional and digital automotive advertising, call 800.318.5047. 

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