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Your digital and web-savvy customers will be doing a lot of research before they buy their next car, and you can’t assume they will come to you first. However, if you engage with them prior to their search for new wheels, you have a much greater chance of turning a casual looker into a prospective customer. You can do this with email, so let’s look at four ways to grow your car dealers automotive advertising email list.

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Promise them exclusivity — If you send out emails that mention you are selling something, you will only gain prospects who are in the buying mode at that point. If you offer them exclusive deals for being a preferred email client, then you have a much greater chance of pulling them into your dealership as a prospect. You need to offer them a deal they can’t get anywhere else, and by having them sign up on your email list, you now have an email connection that they have agreed to, so you won’t be accused of spamming them. Make your prospects feel special with email exclusives.

Keep them educated in the buying process — If you can offer your prospects information they may not be aware of, you gain a future customer. Put together a checklist for what a customer should look for when buying a new car, or perhaps even a used one. Offer them an on-line booklet for gaining the best investment by choosing the right options or accessories. You can do almost anything, but it needs to be information not available to the general public. You will gain additional prospects by being the dealer that educates their customers, rather than just offering the same discounts that everybody else does. Marketing is all about differentiating yourself from your competition.

Offer support to your customers and prospects — Having a boilerplate email showing this month’s specials won’t get you a whole lot of attention. Having an email link to a live chat page where people can ask questions about your models or services creates an engagement beyond a simple email. Offer them a place to put their name and email address for further information, and then provide it promptly. This will show the prospects you value their business and their time. Anytime you can offer additional information, and collect an email address in the bargain, gives you a verified contact and future customer.

Connect prospects to offline events — Offer your email contacts an invitation to an offline open house, special sale, or any dealership event. The key to linking email to any offline event is to make the customer feel they wouldn’t hear about it without being a verified email contact. Offer a virtual tour of your dealership through an email link, which will allow customers to feel they have been there before when they walk in the door for the first time.

DeAngelis Advertising is a automotive full service advertising agency, dedicated to helping our automotive dealers get the most out of their advertising dollar. Email marketing takes a good knowledge of email design, creating useful email databases, and engaging your clients with useful email advertising. Contact us today, and tell us how you want to approach your client base. We will help you outsmart your competition, not outspend them.

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