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Today, millennials are the most valuable consumers for your business. According to a study conducted by Forbes, by 2017 the millennials will be spending $200 billion dollars annually. To get some of this moolah, you will have to entice the tech-savvy millennials. Here are a few tips from DeAngelis Advertising, to keep the millennials in your sales and service process and earn their loyalty.

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Out of sight, out of mind

Everything your millennial customer wants is just a tap away. Your automotive business should be just as available. Staying at the top of your customers’ minds is crucial. So, it is important to stay continuously connected with them.

A better way to do so will be to have the millennials install your business’s mobile app. Your app could be used to list your inventory making it easy to find a car. Another app could help with service recommendations.

Relevant digital ads

Millennials are non-traditional shoppers. They see hundreds and thousands of ads daily. Use data-driven targeting for digital ads that your prospects will see and understand.

Warm greetings

Using tablet-based technology, the service advisors can greet every car shopper by name as they pull up to the drive. It helps avoid asking your customers who they are and what they are there for.

Marketing strategies

Millennials have built a whole eco-system around their mobile phones. If you know this preference of theirs, you will be able to serve them better. Build strategies aimed at the smartphones used by these youngsters. You can begin with mobile messaging.


A technology-powered dealership is bound to provide a remarkable experience to the millennials visiting your dealership. According to a study, the dealerships which use tablets as part of their sales processes achieved more customer satisfaction than their pen and paper counterparts. Use the tablets in service drive, the waiting area, the sales floor, and so on.

Educate them

Car shoppers only step foot into a dealership after deciding what they want to purchase. Send out ebooks to your prospects. This will hold the attention your young customers and educate them about your vehicles.

Help the millennials determine what vehicle would be the best for them. An online quiz is an interesting way to provide an educational resource for those who are more inclined to do their research online.

Quick and easy online system

Nowadays, online appointment systems are standard for almost all auto businesses. Millennials love to skim through websites at lightning fast speed. An appointment system that recognizes your customers even without registration will leave a good impression on the young motorists’ minds. An email id or a VIN should suffice.

Soon, technology and mobile tools will not just be some nice-to-have options. They will be essential for surviving competition. It is not too late. Change the way you do business to draw in the ‘multi-millennials’. At the DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency, we’ll help your dealership become the dominant player in your market. Contact us today to get started!

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