Advertising costs money, and it’s important to use your ad budget wisely. If you are just getting into radio and TV advertising, there are common mistakes that will make your advertising less effective. Let’s review them:

Buying ads where you like to watch or listen — A common mistake for new advertisers is to pick advertising on TV or radio stations they prefer. The downfall of this is there is an entire demographic out there you are missing. You need to consider where your customers will come from, and use your ad budget on platforms most likely to impact those customers. If you advertise only on stations you prefer, you are greatly limiting your market.

Automotive Advertising Mistakes

Spreading yourself too thin — Unless you have an unlimited budget, which isn’t likely, you have a set amount of money to spend on ads. If you place a couple of ads on a lot of stations, you won’t get much impact from it. It’s far better to concentrate on one or two stations and focus advertising there. People need to see or hear your ads more than once to remember them, so start out on one or two outlets. You can always expand later as business improves.

Advertising requires patience — If you expect your ads will have an immediate impact on sales, you are being unrealistic. Customers need to see and hear your message repeated for it to stick in their minds. As an advertiser, look at results for the next quarter, or six months, or a year to determine if an ad campaign was successful or needs adjusting.

Be consistent across platforms — Advertising is about creating a message or concept that is consistent. A common mistake advertisers make is having different messages in print versus audio. Your customers need to see a consistency to your message to remember it when it comes time for them to buy. You also want to connect your print, TV, and radio ads so they support each other rather than compete for attention.

If you want to start advertising your business, you need professionals who understand the market demographics, effective use of your ad budget, and have the capability to create professional advertising messages to improve your business. All that and more is available from the DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency. We understand how to bring your message to the market to maximize your advertising impact. Contact DeAngelis Advertising today and watch your business grow!

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