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Email marketing is still an effective way to communicate with your customers. Automotive direct mail advertising is liked by many, and claims may be made that it’s more effective than email. Let’s see why email continues to be an effective automotive advertising tool.

Personal and Segmented — Email campaigns can be quickly personalized for a particular audience. automotive advertisingYou don’t have to wait for a mailing campaign to be prepared and sent. Also, by having your email list segmented in advance, you can rapidly send emails to specific segments of your market base.

Easy Metrics — When you send paper mail, you have no way of knowing how many customers have opened the mailing or read it. With an email campaign, you can design metrics that will tell you how many customers opened your email. If you add links to your website, you can also track how many customers opened these links and looked at your services or other features of your website. You can’t do that with mail.

Email is Still a Business Medium — Businesses are constantly changing how they interact with customers, but email is still a standard of business communication. Social media may be preferred by some, but email permits a private business conversation without the need for social media.

Volume of Users — Far more people have an email account than a social media presence. It’s estimated that email users number three times greater than Facebook and Twitter users combined, which gives you a much larger potential audience for your business communications. It’s also estimated that Facebook and Twitter messages per day are less than one percent of the emails sent daily, excluding spam. If you add the many older persons who may not have social media accounts, your need for email marketing grows. Your business needs an email presence, don’t ignore it.

Email as a Transactional Message — Many users expect to see marketing information in emails, and will be looking for them if they are in the mood to purchase, particularly if you are offering a promotion. Although social media can be useful for building a brand presence, it is often seen as more casual and less business-oriented.

Easy to Test Market — Email is far easier than other media for testing market messages. If you start a campaign, you can quickly adjust it if you see your metrics aren’t giving high response numbers. Social media can be more difficult to define metrics if your readers don’t comment or “like” your post.

Less Expensive — Look at the costs of setting up a automotive direct mail campaign, or having a telemarketing group contacting customers by phone. Expenses can rise rapidly, before you even have any return on your marketing investment. Email is far less expensive, it’s flexible, and it doesn’t have a normal workday or benefits to pay like a sales force.

Non-intrusive — A business email you send won’t interrupt someone’s dinner or favorite television program, unlike a telemarketing call. Customers can open your message at their convenience. The key to getting your message across is to make it interesting and something your customers will want to read, and they will open it and look.

Targeted marketing — Some marketers will try to convince you that sending our thousands of mailers to people who may have no interest in your products or services is effective marketing, if perhaps you reach a few prospects. We don’t agree, but instead feel email is a great way to target your customers. They can give their email address if they have done business with you, or are interested in your products as a new customer. You can have much better response rates from email than from non-targeted direct mail or other programs.

Customer Interactions — Other than a customer walking through your door, try to think of a medium where a customer can see your marketing message, click to your website, add their name to a mailing list, purchase items, leave comments on social media, and forward your message to their friends. A single email can allow all of these transactions to occur seamlessly.

Email is fast, it’s interactive, and it can quickly target your preferred customers. Here at DeAngelis Advertising, we are digital automotive advertising expert. We also have professional staff to assist you with traditional TV, automotive radio advertising, and press marketing, but we don’t want you to miss out on the benefits of an email marketing campaign. Contact our automotive marketing agency today to see how your dealership can outsmart your competition, not outspend them.

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