Do you struggle with creating content for your dealership? It can become easy to feel stuck in a rut with the same advertising material, leaving you fresh out of ideas. Did you know DeAngelis Advertising creates all types of media advertisements that can be used for your car dealership? Our advertisements are customized to be creative to the audience you are trying to reach. Let’s dive a little deeper into why our clients are thriving!

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Radio Advertising

Radio sells everywhere. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there. It is the advertising force your customers take with them wherever they go! DeAngelis creates catchy, fun, modern, even humorous jingles that leave your listeners with an emotion filled experience. You remain front and center holding the attention of your listeners. DeAngelis jingles aren’t your typical jingle.

From hip-hop to pop or a comedy skit, the sky’s the limit with our creations! Ordinary jingles don’t break through the clutter of our oversaturated, highly competitive world. DeAngelis jingles give consumers the feeling of familiarity and comfort. Which is exactly what you want your customers to feel when making the decision to purchase a new vehicle!

TV Advertising

DeAngelis advertising has visual covered. Like radio, people can watch TV anywhere. Video is still the most preferred content format, especially with millennials. Tablets, smartphones and access to WiFi are increasingly popular. Television can fuel your dealerships online presence, especially when you put your media in the hands of DeAngelis Advertising. Your dealership will be accessible with video content to share across social media reaching millions of viewers!

With the help of our skilled and experienced TV Advertising production team, we create advertisements that really reflect your dealership and capture the imagination of your consumers. Whether you want us to create something quirky and humorous or you’d prefer to strike a more serious note, we can produce a video that reinforces your dealership’s personality! By allowing DeAngelis to help showcase your brand through television advertisements, you stand to build confidence in your product and service.

Digital Banners

The Internet is a beautiful thing. Staying relevant is key for your customers viewing your website to shop for their next vehicle purchase! Let DeAngelis create your digital banners! Defy normal with our visually appealing graphics to make your dealership stand out more than all of the others. Our digital banners are simple yet eye-catching. We use interactive elements and designs to help blend in well with the content on your dealership’s website. We want to bring awareness to your dealership’s brand by creating banner ads that target specific individuals. Potential customers will click on your banner and end up on your sales page.

You can be sure the customers are potential leads, otherwise, they would not have clicked the ad. This removes the uncertainty of trying to convince customers about your vehicles. Having your banners appear on several websites strengthens your dealership making those who’ve never heard of your business familiar with the great products and services you provide. People then can interact with this content and learn more about the vehicles your dealership can provide for them!

With DeAngelis Advertising you’re going to get everything but boring! Whether your dealership is looking for digital advertising, billboards, newspapers or direct mail, we handle all your advertising needs! We keep our content eventful and fun to help you reach your sales goals! The results are real with our clients. So, what are you waiting for? Let us create your dealerships next ad campaign and together we will outsmart the competition!

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