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In a world overrun by internet marketing, there’s still nothing quite like a good old-fashioned piece of automotive direct mail. Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach both existing and potential customers. Direct mail marketing is quite simply a golden opportunity for automotive business owners to advertise products and services. Letters, flyers, coupons, and postcards are effective means of truly impacting customers. Unsure as to which types of direct marketing mail will achieve the best results for your dealership? We’ve got the 9 types of automotive direct marketing mail that you should be sending your customers now.

The Buyback Letter

automotive direct mail advertising

Did you know that many people thinking of selling their cars to a car lot are simply waiting for an invitation to do so? Variable data printing allows you to send direct mail to unique and personalized customer databases. Each customer will receive a customized letter outlining the specific vehicles you’re interested in purchasing for your used car lot.

The Trade-In Letter

By sending out letters to your customer database, you can provide information about cash offers for trade-ins. You may choose to target specific makes and models or just print a generalized letter.

The Model Release

The exciting release of a new model isn’t all that exciting if your customers aren’t aware of the news. You can send out personalized flyers with all the newest information pertaining to model releases.

The Sales Event

Potential buyers are interested in learning about sales events. Sending out flyers to your entire customer database means you’ll reach the greatest number of interested parties possible.

The Pre-Qualified Notice

By classifying your buyers according to credit worthiness, you can send out pre-qualified notices to those who qualify for specific interest rates.

The Financing Offer

Got an unbelievable financing offer? Sending new and appealing financing offers to buyers can reassure those seriously considering a new purchase.

The Service Options Notice

Customers are always interested to know of any special service or maintenance options you offer. Think about showcasing offers for oil changes, tire rotations, bodywork, and mechanical service.

The Service Specials

Remind your customers of any special deals and discounts adding increased value to your service options.

The Congratulations Letter

Make sure to send a congratulations letter to buyers of new vehicles as a reminder that your dealership cares. A personalized congratulations letter is a positive reinforcement of their significant purchase and also serves to create feelings of goodwill toward your dealership. Contact DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency to get started with your Direct Mail Advertising.

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