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Digital Dominance

Shoppers use 24 research touch points on average – make sure your site is one of them with targeted on- and off-site SEO performed by a team of specialists.

automotive dealer advertisingDeAngelis Advertising is a full service automotive advertising agency that offers an array of services to help drive sales and traffic to your dealership, whether it be by our advertising spots on the Radio, our innovative mail pieces in the Mail or now with our creative minds hitting your competitors right where it hurts! Online!

Drill ROI (return on investment) directly to your dealership’s bottom line!

  • Automotive Search Engine Optimization
  • Dealer Website Design
  • Dealer Inventory Management
  • Marketing products

Each of our dealer clients excel in all manners of advertising including the web by bringing our aggressive marketing campaigns to the world wide web in a big way. With DeAngelis Advertising, you will always be one step ahead of your competition so go ahead and let DeAngelis Advertising be your one stop shop for all of your Automotive Advertising, Marketing, Website and Inventory needs!

Automotive Digital Advertising with DeAngelis positions you:

  • At the top of relevant search engine results.
  • As a credible contributor to national automotive industry news.
  • In front of an average of 67% more website visitors­­­.

Our Approach

DeAngelis Advertising has many innovative techniques to drive new traffic and new business to your dealership, but it all starts with a solid SEO strategy and full blown attack on your marketplace! Don’t let your competition get an edge on you! Let DeAngelis Advertising and Marketing help you dominate your local market and take that ever so valuable online business away from your local competition and see what it does to your bottom line! With our powerful Automotive SEO Strategies your dealership’s website can and will make the difference on your monthly DOC! Go ahead and contact DeAngelis Advertising for an SEO Quote Today!

Increase dealership visibility with on-site and off-site search engine optimization.

  • Unique, keyword-targeted website content pushes your site to the top of organic search results.
  • Meta title, description, and keyword management and revisions accurately describe your site contents to readers and search engines.
  • Site navigation management and sitemap customization for faster, easier indexing.

All you need to do is follow up with your new client in a timely manner and watch your internet sales soar to new heights.

We have a proven track record of increasing web traffic to our dealership sites while improving the level of service that you offer to your own customers. DeAngelis Advertising makes sure your website is optimized to convert your organic website traffic into phone ups, internet leads, and even bring them right to your dealership to check out the car they are interested in!

Our online marketing can turn a regular online car shopper into a Stone-Cold Buyer, all this can be done by presenting the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time!

DeAngelis Advertising will provide a free analysis of your dealer website and it’s current internet placement. DeAngelis Advertising can provide you with a detailed road map that will skyrocket your internet car sales.

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