Strategy. Game Plan. Blueprint. Framework. What do all of these words have in common? They are each the foundation that is needed to achieve a specific goal, whether that is winning a game, closing a business deal, building a structure, or winning over an audience. The same is true for marketing, as it needs a strategy to be customized to each specific business or store. While all of your marketing efforts should have a goal, reaching those goals requires following the plan put together for you. Each advertisement, whether television, radio, print, social media, or others should not only encompass your brand and message, but it is imperative each advertisement effort is making strides towards your overall goal.

Okay, so what should your marketing strategy look like? While there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your marketing and advertising as every business is unique, there are some universal things to consider when designing a strategy. The key components of any company’s strategy should be compiled from specific aspects of their business. This includes everything from customer demographics, location, company values, branding, your overall goal, and everything in-between. Overall, these key aspects fall under the Five P’s of Marketing that should be defined for your business. These include Product, Price, People, Promotion, and Place. From here, you can begin piecing together a strategy, or game plan, that best fits your company’s goals and budget. 

Marketing strategies are imperative to the success of your advertising efforts as a business. Because of this, it can not only be tricky to pin-point details that are best suited for you, but it is also a necessity to be done right. So… why not leave your advertising in the hands of those who have years of successful automotive advertising expertise, with real-world results to show. DeAngelis advertising not only specializes in both traditional and digital advertising, but powerhouse creative is customized to each and every client, meaning your advertising strategy is unique to you! Our clients are even spending an average of 35 percent less to reach their goals when compared to their local, fifteen-mile radius competition – without sacrificing quality or results. Call 800.318.504 and get an onsite market analysis brought to you, on us!

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