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DeAngelis Advertising is on the cutting edge of all aspects of marketing automotive dealerships. Our programs will drive more traffic and business to your site than our competitors can, using cost-effective strategies to reach customers in creative ways. Creativity matters when designing advertising programs; let’s review why.

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Creativity is the essence of successful advertising. It separates ads which gain attention from those which are boring and unattractive. Ineffective advertising can reflect on your business, because customers aren’t attracted to dealerships that don’t market themselves well. When a dealership agrees to work with an ad agency such as DeAngelis Advertising, they gain access to our copywriters, graphic designers, and marketing specialists. The specialists will work with the dealership to understand their market needs and the types of advertising they want, then those needs and wishes are conveyed to the writers and graphic designers.

The first step for the advertising team is to develop a concept plan for an ad campaign. The advertising agency will create a concept of what the advertising campaign could be for the dealership. The strategy is then reviewed with the dealership and adjustments are made based on the client’s feedback.

Branding is a very important part of any advertising strategy. Think about products you know which you instantly recognize when you see their ads on television or in print. These clients have established a strong brand, and this is the goal of any good advertising campaign. Customers should immediately recognize the product from a graphic, a key recognizable phrase, or a distinctive spokesperson. DeAngelis Advertising will always try to create a brand for their clients to gain them market advantage over their competitors.

Our job at DeAngelis Advertising is to bring our clients creative concepts, accept their feedback, but also perhaps sell the client on concepts they may not be immediately receptive to use. We may use market research or focus groups to help a client understand that a marketing campaign is to their advantage even if they don’t see a value for it. The DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency is expert in developing many forms of advertising for our clients and will bring our creativity to your advertising needs. Contact us today and let us show you how we beat the competition when advertising your business.

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