There are two fundamentals that remain critical to advertising success, even throughout changing markets and times. Having the right presence and being consistent make all the difference in your advertising efforts and marketing campaigns. This, in simple terms, means that your target audience is seeing your ads routinely or regularly, in places they are already looking. 

When planning an advertising campaign, you want to place your ads in spaces that will reach your target consumer. These consist of places that your audience will be already looking or browsing, and conveniently, your ad will be there too. This does not necessarily mean you need to have the biggest, flashiest ad in the middle of every page, but rather ensuring your ads cleverly catch your consumer’s eye. For example, it would be economical and strategic to place a branded billboard in close proximity to your competitors or to situate a social media ad in the sight of somebody who recently searched for automotive-related subjects. 

Additionally, consistency is a factor that drives that consumer to purchasing your products. It is said that it takes a consumer at least 3 impressions with your ads before they decide to take action and walk into your dealership or look further into what you have to offer. This means that you must be meeting your consumers where they are with your advertisements, routinely, consistently. Not only will consistency in your ads allow consumers to remember your name when looking to make an initial sale, but it will aid in fueling long-term relationships, as well. Consistent advertisements will keep your brand name fresh in the minds of consumers and allow you to stay relevant in changing markets.

Presence and consistency are not easily perfected by those who are not experts in automotive industry advertising, so it is best to leave these in the hands of the experts. Finding an agency that will keep your dealership staying relevant, persistent, and a top choice for consumers is a must in today’s crazy markets. For an onsite market analysis from the agency with top-tier creative, the right media buys, and years of automotive advertising expertise, call DeAngelis advertising at  800.318.504.

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