Perfecting and optimizing the creative in your advertising campaigns is about more than just producing an advertisement that is enjoyable to view or consume. The methods behind brainstorming, choosing, and producing creative content are strategic in capturing the attention of your target audience to create meaningful connections with potential customers. This is mainly because the average consumer is more likely to remember an advertisement and even take action to seek out or purchase products when an advertisement is something they feel they relate to (even if they don’t realize it). Additionally, your creative needs to send a message to your audience to motivate them to take action.

Did you know that the average American is exposed to anywhere from 5,000 to 11,000 ads per day? Insane, right? Obviously, not every advertisement or brand exposure we come across sticks with us in our memory, thus arises the need for making meaningful connections when building a campaign or ad. This way, your specific campaign can stand out above the rest to draw the most attention possible to your brand or store. Your creativity should also be customized to your specific target audience. What are all of the attributes of your target consumer? What would they relate to? What needs do they have? What motivates them? How can your products benefit them, even if they aren’t seeking your product or service out? These are all questions you should be taking into consideration when orchestrating creative advertising. 

Your advertising should send a clear creative message to consumers that they can relate to. While dealerships may be able to compose an ad now and then, the smart decision is to find an agency that prides itself on creativity. In everything from radio, TV, digital, onsite promotions with smaller local budgets to a national multi-million dollar Advertising spend, creative is THE game changer. DeAngelis Advertising not only has the knowledge in choosing the right creative, we are experts in producing powerhouse creative for our clientele. What is stopping you from having access to top-tier creative that will guarantee results? Stop settling for mediocre advertising and call DeAngelis Advertising at 800.318.504 for an onsite market analysis brought to you!

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