When marketing online via social media platforms, what is the goal? Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it the same as all advertising efforts? Essentially, the goal is to drive consumers to purchase your product or service. Simple, right? While this may be the goal, it is not always what is produced as it should be. Your social media campaigns and efforts should not only be spreading the word of your dealerships and any promotions that may be taking place, but also be pushing consumers into your store to close deals.

Utilizing social media for marketing is a great medium to help achieve your goals, but it is so easy to confuse “likes” with real results. Sometimes the staff in a dealership may think of their “likes” when marketing through social media platforms rather than if sales are being driven from their marketing efforts. When this happens, typically the focus is shifted from the target consumer to how to get the most “likes” or “views” through the dealer’s social media pages. As stated previously, “likes” do not always equal results, especially when the primary customer demographics or characteristics are not being targeted through your advertising efforts. It is essential that you correctly evaluate the consumer being targeted for all of your advertising, especially social media. This way, not only will you generate “likes,” but the right audience will be reached. This goes for creative, sponsored ads, visuals, social media platforms, and the way your dealership’s inventory is being displayed online.

Our team at DeAngelis Automotive Advertising possesses the knowledge and skillset to aggressively target your RIGHT consumer through social media and digital efforts. Not only do we have fresh market research and new digital technology, but we have the real world results to prove our methods work. At DeAngelis Advertising, we look at who your main consumers are, what they like, and what will move them. Contact us today at 800.318.5047 for a meeting at your location.

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