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automotive dealer advertisingDeAngelis Automotive Advertising is a full service car dealership advertising firm with experience in over 50 markets all over the USA and Canada. And when we say full service, we mean full service. Whether it be by our advertising spots on the Radio, our innovative mail pieces in the Mail or now with our creative minds we offer an array of services to help drive sales and traffic to your dealership!

We build your advertising campaign from the ground up. You get the latest and greatest technology as well as those tried and true advertising media spots that bring 35% to 50% MORE traffic to your dealership.

Our full service advertising is tailored to you and can include any or all of the following:

  • Television Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Newspapers
  • Direct mail
  • Internet
  • Billboards
  • Text message marketing
  • Onsite promos
  • Public Relations & Press Releases

Traditional car ads are boring. BORING DOESN’T WORK. Instead, create a buzz in the market, enhance your reputation, and make car buyers want to shop your location NOW.

Let DeAngelis Advertising create a memorable and entertaining advertising campaign customized to fit your budget and immediate needs. Our outside-the-box thinking attracts customers of all ages and demographics.

See what the DeAngelis Advertising think tank can do for your dealership. Most advertising firms tell you that in order to succeed you have to be the biggest spender in a 60-mile radius. You don’t and we’ll prove it. Our goal for you is an increase in market share with an increase in NET PROFIT.

DeAngelis provides effective advertising without the budget overkill of other agencies. Our cost-per-points are often 40% lower than the average advertiser.

Our clients come from many markets throughout the US. They sell imports and domestics, new and used, high end luxury cars and family-friendly minivans.

Our strategies are as unique as our clients.

DeAngelis Automotive Advertising will create the advertising you are looking for to get the traffic and results you demand. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Hard sell
  • Soft sell
  • Middle-of the-road
  • Character
  • Comedy
  • Spokesmodel

We are selective about clients we work with, because we see ourselves as partners in your business. Our clients stay with us. They are excited to have us provide a SMART yet AGGRESSIVE service!!!

If you want to create urgency and INCREASE your market share without decreasing your PROFITS, then contact us today. CALL 800.318.5047

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