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When looking at ways to invest in your automotive dealership, include advertising as a strategy. You may be told that advertising is simply an expense against sales, but it’s much more than that. You have to advertise to create a brand identity.

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Whether you prefer TV, radio, email, or print advertising, your message must be clear and precise. You have a product which is superior to your competition. That product is both the vehicles you sell and the way the customer is treated when they walk through your door. You also need to package attractive specials to get the impulse buyers to come in and look. Many car buyers may not intend to buy when they visit, but the right sales approach and customer service can convert them to customers.

You need to decide what you want your dealership identity to be; the showman, trustworthy friend, or elder statesman are all approaches used to create brand identity. It takes time to build a brand, so you can’t look at advertising against day to day sales and declare success or failure. Maintain a consistent brand, then entice the customers into the dealership with specials and incentives. Keep the message fresh and ask customers what brought them into the dealership. Discard what doesn’t work and keep what does.

If you carefully build a brand identity you are making an investment in your business. This is why advertising is investing, not just spending money. The DeAngelis Automotive Advertising Agency is the expert in helping automotive dealers build their brand through a wide range of advertising programs. Contact DeAngelis Advertising today and start the journey to take your dealership far past your competition.

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