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A recent Nielsen study shows that 93% of the American adults with media access listen to radio every day. We at DeAngelis Advertising, bring to you some tips to help you with utilizing automotive radio advertising to its full potential.

Choose the right radio spot

While choosing a radio spot for your automotive advertisement the length and the price matter. A cheap spot might not bring in the desired results and an expensive one may not fit into your budget.

Know who your listeners are

automotive advertisingTo be able to successfully run a radio commercial you have to target the right people. You have to know the needs, desires, and listening behaviors of your audience to appeal to them.

Call to action

A good call to action tells your audience what to do after hearing your commercial on the radio. It should be in the form of a clear repetitive message with a focused goal. With less clarity, the message will not register, and be lost in the noise.

Timing and frequency

During peak traffic hours people end up listening to more radio. Slots during such hours can be extremely expensive. Then there is a prime-time when you will face strong competition from other auto businesses. During night hours most of your competition would have already slept off, when you might want to use the cheapest available slots and beat them out.

Use multiple stations, many times to go before your audience and remain top-of-mind.

Stand out

Be creative in coming up with a unique, striking message that will not escape people’s ears. Your automotive radio ad must elicit a want for further exploration, by adding a wow factor in the simplest possible ways.


Allow your audience to start identifying your brand, and a get a feel of it, through your radio ads. For example, in your ads, you may talk about ‘over-zealous staff’ at ‘fast- paced business center’. But, this will make people feel somewhat restless and lost when they actually enter the laid back environs of your dealership. You have to create a connect from the very beginning for a win-win situation later. You may choose to make your ads humorous, loud, or laid-back.


You may have a public figure promote your automotive business. Make it a live radio broadcast, may be an interview during an event or a sale. Your listeners will want to drop-in if it comes with an exciting offer.

Integrate with other marketing methods

With wide usage of internet, a big chunk of the masses is indulging in online shopping. You can leverage this to increase the reach of your radio ads. Driving traffic to your website or a social media platform will engage a bigger audience.

We at DeAngelis Advertising will help you create a brand people can trust. So, feel free to call us, or check our website, and have all your questions for DeAngelis automotive advertising agency answered!

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