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Advertising is a crucial contributor to the success of your dealership. If your dealership is like most dealerships, attracting customers is one of the biggest hurdles you face. How you market and brand yourself truly determines your lead generation potential – how are you going about it? Forget product-pushing, gorilla suits, and balloons. If you’re going to attract customers, you’re going to have to take risks. So, to avoid running an unproductive advertising campaign, listen up. We’ve got three automotive dealer advertising and marketing risks you should be taking in order to attract as many customers as possible.

Take a Stance

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Customers these days have an overwhelming number of options available to them; why should they choose you? In order for your marketing to be successful, you have to clearly establish who you are and what your dealership’s position is. What exactly do you have that the other guys just can’t touch? Choose a gravitational positioning statement (GPS) that anchors your location on a customer’s decision-making road map. Take a position and revolve your entire campaign around it.

Know Your Market

It doesn’t matter much what you say if you don’t know who you’re talking to. Don’t generalize; focus on a specific group or groups of people. You can’t hit your mark if you’re not zeroed in on your target. Determine exactly who your target is and make sure you are focused directly on your mark.

Criticism: Accept It

Guess what? Not everyone is going to love your automotive advertising. Deal with it. Trying to please everyone only guarantees that you’ll please no one. If a certain percentage of people don’t hate your marketing, it’s not working. A truly effective campaign will inevitably be off-putting to some – it will also naturally strike a chord with many others.

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