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If your automotive dealership is like most, attracting and retaining customers through advertising is one of the biggest hurdles you face. While there are a wide variety of advertising mediums you can pursue, digital advertising is one of the most effective tools contributing to dealership success. Are you reaping the full benefits of your digital advertising efforts? At DeAngelis Advertising, we want to make sure that your dealership is getting the digital automotive advertising success it needs to dominate in the industry.

Digital Automotive Advertising

With experience in over 50 markets all over the United States and Canada. DeAngelis Advertising is a full-service advertising firm catering to car dealerships. We build your digital advertising campaign completely from the ground up. Our talented and innovative minds offer you the latest and greatest in advertising services to drive sales and traffic straight to your dealership’s website.

DeAngelis Advertising is committed to you and tailoring to your dealership’s needs. Take a look at some of the benefits of our digital advertising campaigns:

  • Automotive search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Dealer website design
  • Dealer inventory management
  • Marketing products
  • Dealer website placement at the top of relevant search engine results
  • Increased dealer website traffic – on average, 67 percent more

With DeAngelis Advertising, you get the most solid SEO strategy and effective campaign for your dealership, without the budget overkill of other agencies. In fact, our cost-per-points are on average 40 percent lower than your average run-of-the-mill advertiser. We dramatically increase your dealership’s visibility with on-site and off-site search engine optimization. DeAngelis Advertising has a proven track record of delivering the traffic you need to ensure a growing, thriving customer base.

When you’re serious about your digital automotive advertising campaign, you need DeAngelis Advertising. We see ourselves as partners in your business, providing smart and aggressive service. If you’re ready to create urgency, increase market share, and dominate the industry, give DeAngelis automotive advertising agency a call today!

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