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The primary function of a real BDC, or Business Development Center, is to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Many dealers say they have a BDC, but to be honest, they don’t. Is your BDC a true BDC or is it an internet department with a fancy name? The internet department handles online leads, answer questions, and schedules appointments. Unfortunately, someone on standby to respond to emails and answer calls in not enough.

When investing money on advertising, it’s important to handle every lead properly. A strong BDC will ensure you are maximizing your ROI. When a potential buyer goes online or calls the store, it’s important your BDC has had the proper training. A bad “phone up” will kill a lead on the spot. Your BDC should be knowledgeable on every marketing campaign so that they can answer all the shopper’s questions. They should sell the appointment and then sell the vehicle. Sales training is essential for a BDC and is far more important than a simple script.  Don’t make a mistake and neglect your BDC. They are just as, if not more, important than your sales staff.  More often than not they are the first contact with your potential buyers.

If you are investing in advertising, be smart and invest in training for your BDC. Your wallet will thank you later. Not only do we drive more traffic and value to your dealership, but we can also train your BDC department to make sure that every opportunity is handled properly.  When DeAngelis Automotive Advertising partners with you, count on our expertise in the area of a fine tuned BDC.

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