Advertising can be one of the fastest, most effective ways to grow your dealership, or it can be the quickest to put a hole in your pocket. The right ad can create more ups and increase your profits, but the wrong ad can send your customers right to the competition. Many dealers across the country find themselves spending tons of money on dealership advertising, but they don’t have much to show for it. At DeAngelis Advertising, we want you to get the most for your money. If you want to maximize your budget and see a better “ROI”, make sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes.

1. Incorrect Use of Media
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Outlets like the Internet and newspapers tend to only reach customers who are looking to buy now. They are poor at targeting impulse shoppers. The consistent use of TV and radio will attract potential buyers way before they’re in the market for a vehicle.

2. Trying to Reach Everyone

In order for your advertising to be effective, you must have enough repetition to be remembered by a prospective buyer. Many times the reach is too much and not enough frequency. Don’t try to reach too many people at once. It is better to reach 10 percent of your prospects 100 percent of the time than to reach 100 percent of your prospects only 10 percent of the time. The cost is the same.

3. A ‘One-Size Fits All’ Strategy

Just because something worked for a dealership down the road doesn’t mean it will work for you. Your campaigns should be unique and customized for your dealership. Understand your market, know your competitors, define your target, and set your objectives.

4. A Bad Website

I know what you’re thinking. What does my website have to do with advertising? In today’s digital word it means a headache for your potential buyer. What’s the point of spending money on advertising only to drive customers to an outdated website? To ensure your website delivers warm leads, make sure it’s visually attractive, easy to navigate, and it must work on mobile.

5. A Weak Message

A strong media plan is important, but if the message isn’t strong, your efforts could fall short. Your advertising message must appeal to your audience and capture their attention. Make sure it includes the reason why someone would be interested in your dealership. Also, a good slogan can help you stand out from your competition. It can easily be included on many media outlets. A good slogan works in print, online, on TV, on the radio, and anywhere else you advertise.

DeAngelis Advertising can help you avoid these mistakes and many others. We understand how to maximize your budget and bring your message to the market. If you need straightforward answers and expert guidance, contact DeAngelis Advertising at 800-318-5047.

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