Over 3.9 Billion people around the world use social media today, and the number is continuously rising. With numbers that large, utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok can be an effective way to advertise your brand or product. It allows you to target consumers with specific demographics, that way you can reach your desired audience. With that being said, how do you make your social media stand out above the rest?

First, you need to become known by creating a brand the market can like organically. Find your niche in your desired market, and make it known through your age. You need to make sure that when somebody visits your page, it is clear what your brand, product, and message is. Additionally, your social media page aesthetic should be consistent, as it will influence a user’s perception of your brand and your credibility.

Next, you should post daily to enhance your reputation with frequency. Some of the most successful brands even post multiple times per day on platforms such as instagram, twitter, and facebook. If followers or potential customers see your posts daily, your brand or product will be more easily remembered than if posts were lacking. You should also be interacting and
connecting with your following or audience. Not only should you be responding to comments and direct messages as much as possible, but interactive posts and giveaways have been proven to be successful in growing awareness and following of a brand.

Additionally, your brand should be including local events going on, and how you participate in them. These can be charity or nonprofit events that show your brand prioritizes giving back, or non charity events. This allows consumers to see that your brand is active in the community and well-connected on a social level. These events should be things that align with
your brand and the message you are trying to portray. Your brand will also become more well-known as a result of reaching out, and it will allow potential customers to connect with your brand.

For success in the social media world, your platforms and pages should be continually nurtured and cared for. It is important that your pages are up-to-date with your brand and give your audience a way to connect with you. Times and trends are always changing, and your content should reflect that. DeAngelis Automotive Advertising and DX3 Dealer Digital has an array of ideas. Call us for a FREE market analysis. 800.318.5047.

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