1. The agency is not capable of creating and producing fresh material that captivates an audience like DeAngelis.
  2. This same agency has no tested strategy to buy local media with excellent ROI like DeAngelis.
  3. The agency has you focus on how these digital plans work only to keep you {content} with current numbers.

Here’s the scoop! Digital Marketing is going nowhere. DeAngelis Automotive Advertising has a sister company that works with auto clients daily. DX3 Dealer Digital has some of the best associates in the industry facilitating this platform. We are also working on a new 3rd party agency owned digital program to help attract new & used car shopping candidates in a fun manner to which no other company has done! Stay tuned.

So. We are not Digital haters. As many companies like to inform.

But. We are indeed Traditional Creative lovers.

DeAngelis was built on Traditional Creative for electronic media. Then, we added award winning production suites & top rated partners when profits allowed. For over 10 years our Creative for automotive dealerships (plus other industries) coupled with aggressive media knowledge made the agency a well-oiled machine to increase market share immediately. Name a car line. Most likely we help or helped a client rank Nationally.

When Digital took a stance. DeAngelis decided to grasp this tech knowledge. The one thing we never lost? The love for Creative. We moved this to our audio/visual work online. As said previously, typical digital companies lack in this area. Which leads to a very important question: How can this same company impress a client with Radio or TV creative? You answer that.

But what about Radio, TV RIGHT NOW?

Radio works better than ever in 2023.

TV works better than ever in 2023.

There is less automotive clutter to compete with due to digital marketing. In most markets that is.

The client can NOW get more Reach for less.

The client can NOW get more Frequency for less.

Add in custom Creative powered by DeAngelis Automotive Advertising…

You will see more ups from a 15+ mile radius again. You will see a BDC Team with more work to do.

As inventory gets better… so should your game plan with advertising.

Contact DeAngelis right NOW!

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