3 Myths That Advertising Agencies Are Selling You

Top 3 Advertising Myths | Automotive Dealer Marketing

Advertising is important, even critical, to the success of your business. You depend upon your automotive advertising agency for branding and lead generation. The problem is that a good number of well-intentioned (and some not-so-well-intentioned) advertising agencies out there are shoving little white lies down your willing throat. Your marketing should be effective, not a never-ending drain of your hard-earned cash. To shed some light on the matter, we’ve uncovered the three most common myths that advertising agencies are selling you. Chances are you’re already familiar with this bunk.

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Advertising Myth #1: Advertising doesn’t achieve overnight results.

This one is popular with advertising agencies for one very simple reason. The longer you believe it takes to get results, the longer you’ll keep on paying for marketing that’s not working. You most certainly can and should expect prompt results from your advertising. The key is to focus on direct response advertising rather than branding. Building brand awareness takes years of patience and lots of advertising dollars. Direct response advertising is immediate, retail-oriented, and generates major leads.

Advertising Myth #2: Building your brand name is what you should focus on.

Wait, what? Yes, branding is important, but it is a painstaking process that takes a very long time. You don’t need to focus on branding to achieve a successful campaign. Engaging in direct response marketing produces significant and immediate results, with the side effect of also building your brand. Win win.

Advertising Myth #3: In order to afford your advertising, you may need to raid your child’s college fund.

Most advertising agencies would have you believe that advertising is expensive. True, the cost of ads can run the gamut from several hundred dollars to many thousands. But the thing is, advertising is only expensive when it doesn’t work. Advertising done right is essential to your business’ growth and success. Advertising done right means that every marketing dollar spent is met with an equal or greater return. Advertising done right means that your advertising is no longer an expense, it is an investment. Make sure your automotive advertising is done right

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